From Software to systems

Deliver Impactful Change

Improve the quality of architectural thinking and take sound action despite uncertainty.

Over the last 40 years, we’ve built a vast landscape of software. Software manages seemingly-infinite digital interactions. Our phone is a pocketbook full of software. Software structures infrastructure for software.

Relational complexity is running riot. Our linear approaches - rational, top down, procedural, predictable and concerned with control – are holding us back. To design systems, we need to think and act differently.

Each week, you'll get practices for thinking nonlinearly and improving architectural decision making. You'll learn modern systems leadership from experienced systems thinkers working inside, and outside, technology.

Think well, together.

  • Give well-reasoned and trustworthy technology recommendations.
  • Learn how systems thinking and nonlinear approaches improve the quality of architectural thinking.
  • Contribute to (and lead) emergent architectural initiatives as software scales to systems of software.
  • Effectively create cross-functional recommendations that deliver impactful change.
  • Help to improve the culture of the industry and encourage more diverse thinking styles.

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