Add Dot Podcast: Systems Thinking

What is Systems Thinking? Vaughn Vernon and Diana Montalion discuss how this form of thinking can help software architects. Developing this skill enables us to transform feature-driven software development (or any linear thinking process) into systems design and development (or anything requiring systemic thinking.)

What we think and talk about … is what we will build.

— Quote from the podcast

Topics we cover:

  • What is linear thinking? How does that contrast with nonlinear (systems) thinking? How is it related to pattern thinking?
  • Why this matters: what we think and talk about … is what we we build.
  • Systemic challenges aren’t just in tech, we are facing them in many areas of everyday life.
  • What is a “good” discussion in a systems design and architecture effort?
  • What is the mindset we need to participate in architectural discussions and systemic reasoning?
  • How business thinking isn’t “outside” of engineering and why we need to integrate them.
  • Why is systems thinking so important — right now — for software?
  • What does Vaughn mean by “anything you can do, I can do metta” and why is it relevant to thinking?

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