Writing as Thinking

An eight-week course for technologists — introducing writing practices for thinking, learning and leading.

Course Description

As technologists, we craft knowledge. Regardless of our role, we weave other people’s thinking (and experiences) into our own. We construct recommendations that we believe have value. We try to envision what is not yet visible and bring it to life.

We also get lost in the forest of disparate opinions. We go down promising paths and find dead ends. We discover a viable path … and almost nobody follows. We feel like we are screaming into the wind. 

Crafting knowledge is constructing something whole and actionable from abstract ideas. We do this by creating conceptual integrity. Unfortunately, we are truly terrible at creating or maintaining conceptual integrity … unless we are supported by practices. 

Fortunately, writing is the practice of conceptual integrity.

Writing practices help us to:

  • strengthen metacognition – awareness and understanding of our own thought process. 
  • inquire and explore new insights.
  • integrate disparate experiences and views.
  • focus on how to think, rather than what to think.
  • structure our learning and navigate uncertainty.
  • synthesize knowledge, experience and sound judgement into well-reasoned recommendations.
  • think well, together.

Thinking well together generates better outcomes. When people cooperate to strengthen their reasons for acting, they make better decisions. The way we engage with people’s writing is the way we think together. When we structure spaces where knowledge can grow and flourish, we provide integrative leadership … the kind that creates true and lasting change.


This eight-week course meets weekly, remotely.

Between classes, you will adopt writing practices. Together, we’ll iterate and improve those practices. Includes:

  • A free ebook
  • Weekly group exercises and coaching
  • Editing and private feedback from Diana (if desired)


Day: Thursdays
Duration: One hour
Time: Noon ET, 5pm GMT, 6pm CET, 9am PT
Dates: January 19, 2023 – March 16, 2023

How much?

Join the beta (initial) class for only $249



Introduction to the three practices

For eight weeks, we’ll practice free writing, focused writing and synthesizing other people’s thinking (aka learning).


Free writing

Exploring multiple approaches to cultivating metacognition.


Focused writing practice

We can’t think if we can’t concentrate, so we’ll create space for focus in our daily life.


Synthesizing and learning

Designing your own curriculum and growing your thinking practice.


Designing feedback loops

Including others in your thinking process without derailing it.  


Systemic reasoning

Crafting recommendations in support of an action, idea or theory.


Strengthening the reasons

Improving the quality of your systemic reasoning.


(Re)structuring thinking, together

Creatively adapting your recommendations for various audiences.

About Diana

Diana was an actor, writer and independent bookstore owner. She was selected for the Stonecoast Writer’s Conference and studied creative nonfiction writing with Diana Hume George.

Fifteen+ years ago, she quit her communications career to pursue a career in tech. She has built software, led teams and architected systems for clients like The Economist, The Wikimedia Foundation and Stanford.

Along the way, she discovered … technology architecture is a communications career. So now she combines her skills to teach, architect knowledge systems and help organizations transform.

Diana has taught workshops in coding and thinking all over the world. She lives in the bountiful Hudson Valley (New York, USA).

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