Stuck in Software?

Design systems that deliver transformation.

Are you stuck in software that no longer meets your evolving needs? Have you been part of a “digital transformation” that failed to transformed what matters most?

You’ve hit the iceberg that sinks most transformations: We don’t think in systems. 

We help you avoid that iceberg. We shift the way teams think, communicate and organize to match the system you want to build.

We also dive into the tech, translating strategy into technology decisions that actually transform.

We partner with teams to create holistic, iterative systems transformation. Our real world experience enables us to discover together what works for you. And help build learning teams that can carry you into the future.

Our mission is helping paradigm shifters lead in the right direction.

We help leaders and learning-driven teams … transform what matters.



Find the leverage points where a small change can have big impact.



Identify the changes that unlock competitive advantage.



Deliver technology systems that meet your highest-value needs.



Collaborative approaches to understanding your needs.


Learning teams

Generate empowered, trustworthy activity that leads in the right direction.


Iterative action

Decide to do the right thing at the right time in the right order. In systems, this is hard!



Design the ways people change and grow the system.



Build technology that scales with you by designing relationships, not just features.

Real World Experience

Design a Create Once, Publish Everywhere editing system to replace the legacy print and digital software.

The Economist

Design a system to share knowledge from software to nearly-infinite people, products and platforms.

The Wikimedia Foundation

Design a digital communication and engagement experience to replace a website.

Global Strategy Group

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The API economy has precipitated a need for expert developers and architects who understand the intricacies of building, integrating, and monitoring APIs to connect distributed systems and deliver data for enhanced performance.

March 14, 2023
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Nonlinear Thinking Workshop

A workshop for thinking well, together, about systems and change. Explore practices for skillfully and consistently cultivating nonlinear approaches and conceptual integrity.

May 3, 2023
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Writing as Thinking (and Learning and Leading)

Constructing something actionable from abstract ideas requires creating conceptual integrity. Writing practices can help knowledge workers craft and maintain conceptual integrity.

May 25-26, 2023
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A technology system is only as strong as the conceptual integrity that binds it.

Diana Montalion – Founder

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