Software Architecture Stream: Nonlinear Thinking

We are used to linear thinking – but really nonlinear thinking and systems thinking is what helps in a lot of modern challenges around software architecture. Diana Montalion is an expert on these subjects and applies them to software architecture regularly. She will tell us how nonlinear thinking helps with software architecture and why it is important.

— Host, Eberhard Wolff

The Software Architecture Stream (Software Architektur im Stream) includes listener’s questions in the discussion. This generated a better overview of nonlinear thinking. The questions helped direct the flow of the discussion. The outcome was better than if we had followed a linear “presentation” path.

This talk is a good introduction to the subject. We begin with “what is linear thinking?” Then we explore what we mean when we say “nonlinear thinking.” What are the fundamental practices? How does it help us create conceptual integrity … why do we care about conceptual integrity?

Why does nonlinear thinking matter for software engineers? We talk about obvious, and some less obvious, reasons why it’s an essential skill.

Aren’t we already practicing it, with approaches like Domain-Driven Design, Wardley Mapping and Extreme Programming? We discuss how to not become overwhelmed by all the thinking now required.

Here are beautiful notes, created by Lisa Maria Moritz who publishes Sketchnotes.


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